Elite Player Mid Season Evaluation April 08 2016

When James Ridyard and I sat down to discuss our brand, one of the main things that kept coming up is that the information we provide be equally useful for the elite player and the club player. Our videos were created with the club player in mind as the main market. Honestly, this has happened more from an education of instructors that have spread our ideas to their clients with fantastic success than direct sales to club players. This is good for golf and that's the important thing.

We often get the question, "How is this different than what you would show or teach a Tour Player?" or "How is this different than what you would show a beginner?"

The simple answer is that it isn't different. The information we provide allows for significant differences in ability and style to be successful. It was very important to us that this be true. It's not a one size fits all method but rather a deeper understanding of a spectrum of styles and how they work. This allows for adaptability to whoever you have in front of you. As a coach, we take great pride in the reviews and testimonials we've received from other coaches about how this information has helped them with their daily clients.

To that end, I want to share some information from a player I started working with full time on the US PGA Tour late last summer. This player is a top 30 career money earner (Charles Howell III) that needed improvement in his short game. We initially met to discuss AimPoint Express and it blossomed into a full short game discussion. 

Year to date evaluation 2016:

26th Strokes Gained Total
13th Scoring Average
17th Scrambling
63rd Strokes Gained Putting 
36th Sand Save Percentage
27th Season Money List
23rd Fed Ex Cup Points List
91st Official World Rank

Nice start to the year.

Early focus on short game and short range putting going well. Time to focus on mid range putts.

2015 (year end)

59th Strokes Gained Total
88th Scoring Average
151st Scrambling
143rd Strokes Gained Putting 
161st Sand Save Percentage
77th Season Money List
79th Fed Ex Cup Points List
147th Official World Rank

The information and drills that we have worked on are the very same ones available in our videos. James' short game info has helped significantly and my putting ideas have done the same. Work with his full swing is also coming along nicely which plays a role in these statistics as well.

Thank You again to all of our supporters. Those that have purchased our videos and those that have come to our Schools. It means so much to us.