Wedges: Path, Smash Factor & Spin Rate - A Pilot Study May 12 2014

Is there a best trajectory and curve for a wedge shot?

Which one spins most?

Which one is more accurate?

These are very popular questions. At Short Game Secrets, we strive to present information as clearly and factually as we can. There's a lot of great information being shared in the world of golf currently, particularly about the wedge game. A good mixture of the purely theoretical and the practical but there is little consensus about this very complex field. One thing that is clear is that occasionally the theoretical and the practical do not match up. The only way to clarify what is really happening is constant measuring and testing but with equipment shortcomings even that has it's own issues.

This video aims to address the concept that a wedge shot hit with a draw spin axis will spin more than one hit with a fade spin axis or a straight shot. The results are not conclusive as it's only one player's data and this topic really comes down to the individuals tendencies which likely have an effect on which spin axis produces the most spin and or consistency.

We believe that putting and wedge play information needs to be individualized whenever possible which is why we present our ideas in a way to cover different players patterns and tendencies instead of blanket statements or ideas to be applied by everyone.


We're looking forward to having more players conduct this test to gain a more comprehensive understanding but for now have a look at the video and let us know your thoughts.