Short Game Secrets - Year in Review 2014 December 09 2014


It's amazing to me what has happened in the last year. So many interesting events and opportunities for us beginning with the main one being the release of our Short Game Secrets 5 video set. James and I have known each other for a very long time. In fact he was one of the very first people I ever interacted with when I started to investigate this brave new word of internet golf forums.

We've talked back and forth about many subjects. We will use each other as a sounding board as we look at things very similarly and our thirst for knowledge is quite strong. One day, James decided it was time to do something instead of just learn about something. From that single conversation came Short Game Secrets. The success of the video series inspired us to add more videos and continue our research in this specific direction.

Early in 2014, we offered our first Short Game Secrets school. This lead to another and another as our product lines grew and the feedback from the series fueled us. Over the summer, we met for a few days in England where we started some 3d collection of different wedge shots and putting strokes. It was a great opportunity for us to test some ideas and search for information to make our products better.

From this research, James was able to really advance his own personal understanding of the wedge game and why the different variations we see work. This advancement was discussed during a 3 day seminar in Denmark by James which was received very well. I began working with some players on the US PGA Tour utilizing some of the exact same information provided in our video set along with some newly added stuff.

Next up for us was a three day trip to Seoul, Korea. Short Game Secrets provided 2 days of teacher training on how to analyze and coach the short game. A third day was used to teach actual players in a group setting so the teachers could see how to apply what we had talked about. It was an amazing trip and we met so many new friends. Look forward to going back some time in the future. Keep your eye on Goya Advanced Golf as they strive to bring great instruction to Korea.
Shortly after that event, a very well know American instructor (Mike Adams) did a seminar in Denmark and was informed about the great 3 day seminar James had provided. After hearing about the quality of the seminar, Mike put the wheels in motion leading to James being asked to speak at the US National Coaching and Teaching summit.

2015 looks to be a very promising year with more schools and workshops already planned.  If you are interested in hosting us for your PGA Section talk please let us know. It's easiest to reach us by email

Finally, thank you to everyone for their support in our endeavor and we look forward to providing the best short game information around. As we mentioned in our first video set, we aren't looking to provide safe information. Our goal is to provide the best information and then show you how to both perform it and instruct it.