Masters of the Wedge Game 2012 January 21 2014

Who has the best wedge game on tour? I don’t think many people would look past Tiger as having the best wedge game on the PGA Tour yet in 2012 Tiger was officially average on all shots up to 100 yards from both sand and grass. In fact, he was average in all the sub categories also, barely gaining or losing any strokes to the average PGA Tour player performance in these categories.


Wedge play has been separated into 5 categories; 0-20 yards, 20-60 yards, 60-100 yards and sand shots from 0-50 yards & 50-100 yards. In the video accompanying this blog I've taken a look at the leaders in the three 'from grass' categories to identify a few points that enable them to have led their respective categories, I think you'll see that the styles are very different and lend themselves to a particular type of shot which offers a partial explanation as to why they excel in some areas yet struggle in others.

The leaders of the 5 categories were:

0-20 yards: Charlie Wi

 20-60 yards: Trevor Immelman

60-100 yards: Brian Gay

Sand 0-50: Chris DiMarco

Sand 50-100: Sung Kang

I hope you enjoy the video

Masters of the Wedge Game Video