Drills and Games - New Short Game Secrets Video February 28 2014



We are proud to announce that our 2nd video - Short Game Secrets Drills and Games - has finished shooting and is currently in editing. This video, as the title suggests, will give about 20 drills and games for making more putts and about 20 more for wedge play.

Nearly 40 drills and games James and I have chosen to show you that we use in our own teaching of every level of player.  These drills are designed to improve the quality of your outcomes, not necessarily just drills on technique. James and I are comfortable knowing that the short game is a problem with multiple solutions and technique change could need to be very personal. These drills will touch on technique but most are geared toward measuring your current techniques ability to perform and score a set of tasks.

The putting drills cover the putting skills of targeting, touch and start line. Technique and games that require different types of makes to play are also included to help a player visualize more than one way to make a putt.

The wedge drills cover the wedge play skills of spin control, trajectory control, and distance control. Just like the putting drills, the wedge play drills will touch on technique but they're focused on making your practice time more fun and productive.

Pre-order sale pricing of $19.99 starts today and goes till March 17, 2014 at 30% off the normal price and can be purchased here: http://shortgamesecrets.tv/products/drills-and-games

Video should be ready to download in 2-3 weeks and links will be emailed out once available.

Stay tuned for an upcoming trailer in the next few days.